New In-line Digital Turbine Meter Series

Posted on December 2, 2016 By

Tuthill is pleased to announce a game-changer in the in-line meter market. Our ALL NEW, 100% made in the USA, digital in-line meter is now ready to order for shipments the first week of December. Three models in all, one each for fuels, bio-fuels and DEF/Chemicals are slated for this early December ship date.


These new digital meters have many advantages over competing brands in the market place. First, they are accurate to +/- 1% where many other brands are only accurate to +/- 5%. Second, they come out of the box with 20 factory calibration presets making it fast and easy to setup for first use, plus it will measure in gallons, liters, quarts, pints and ounces. And Third, it has global certifications including UL for US and Canada, ATEX, and CE These certifications are on the entire meter, not just the electronics as many competing brands.

The meter is designed for use in-line or at the end of the hose so users can easily install it where it is most convenient. It has simple four button operation and a rubber boot to help protect it should you accidently drop it. Plus, it has replaceable AA batteries that can be purchased anywhere batteries are sold. There is no need to order expensive special batteries from the manufacturer like competing brands.

Production is ramping up so quantities will be limited at first. Please get your orders in early to ensure that you are among the first to have these on your shelves. We will move to a 3-day lead time once the initial orders are fulfilled. Thank you for being part of the Tuthill team.

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