Lubrication Equipment

New Budget-Friendly Oil Pump Available from Balcrank

Balcrank introduced the new Lynx HD 5:1 Oil Pump this week. This new pump compares favorably in cost, performance and reliability to competitive products. The Lynx HD is also in stock and ready to ship, so contact your Balcrank representative today for a demonstration! A service bulletin and flyer for the new pump are available.

Introducing Balcrank’s New Architect’s Toolbox

This afternoon, Balcrank Fluid Dispensing Systems announced its new Architect Toolbox resource (if you don’t already have a login, click here to register). This toolbox is designed specifically for Architects. It will allow 24/7 access to core product specifications including; downloadable tare sheets, specification sheets, design file DWG, STEP, JGP files, plus product images. The toolbox will…

Balcrank Technical Release – Changes to the Synergy Current Meter Valve Kit

Balcrank has announced some minor changes to its Synergy fluid inventory control system. A release this morning details these changes which are intended to improve the product from both a cost and quality standpoint.