MaxLite LED RKT Series Recess Troffer Retrofit Kit

Published on July 23, 2013

MaxLite LED RKT Series Recess Troffer Retrofit Kit Installation Video

Step 1: Unpack
Unpack the retro-fit kit and locate all the parts which include: 4 x spacer bushings, 4 x self-drilling screws, the S hook for aiding in installation and the actual prewired MaxLite LED Batwing troffer retro-fit.

Step 2: Fixture Prep
Shut off all the power to the fixture. Remove the tombstone fluorescent sockets and the socket holder bracket they are mounted too. Remove the ballast cover. Disconnect the main power from the ballast and remove the ballast from the fixture.

Step 3: Batwing Prep Part 1
Locate and install the self-drilling screws through the fixture and into the spacer bushings. Do this 4 times for the 2x2 and 6 times for the 2x4. 

Step 4: Batwing Prep Part 2
After installing the screws with the bushings, locate the S hook and insert it into the provided hole. Now use the hook to hang the MaxLite Batwing retro-fit from the fixture as a third hand while you hardwire the kit. Make the power connection from the main power of the fixture to the retro-fit.

Step 5: Install
Now the MaxLite Batwing retro-fit kit is ready to mount. Carefully hold the kit square with the fixture and in the center. Now screw the first corner using the self-drilling screw until it penetrates and pulls up the kit into the fixture. Now do the same in the opposite corner. Now the fixture will hold in place while you do the same for the remaining screws. Re-attach the lens cover to the fixture, restore power to the fixture and enjoy many years of use and energy savings.

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