Ameron Dualoy 3000/LCX Fiberglass Pipe

Chapter 1: Introduction, Tools & Techniques

Chapter 2: Dry Fit of Components

Chapter 3: Special Fitting, SPFs & Crossovers

Chapter 4: Adhesives & Primary Bonding

Chapter 5: Testing & Secondary Bonding

Educational video series for installation of fiberglass pipe manufactured by NOV Fiber Glass Systems (FGS).

NOTICE: All videos are for reference only and do not certify individuals for installation or repair. Please follow all federal and local safety regulations.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems

NOV Fiber Glass Systems is the combination of Star® Fiberglass, Smith Fibercast®, and Ameron product lines, bringing over 60 years of time tested composite pipe experience to the Oilfield, Chemical and Industrial, Petroleum Marketing and Marine and Offshore markets. Our broad range of temperatures, pressures and corrosion barriers allow us to best match a product with your application.

Pipe products range in diameter based on application with a wide selection of fittings available. Our piping systems employ a variety of epoxy and vinyl ester resins. Coupled with six joining systems, this ensures precision installation, optimum systems performance and unmatched ease of assembly.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has 15 manufacturing facilities around the world.