PetroClear Phase Separation Demonstration

Published on Feb 13, 2013

As more and more ethanol is introduced to the motor-fuel supply chain, handlers need to be aware of potential conditions like "phase separation."

While a number of organizational and operational hurdles still need to be cleared before ethanol reaches its full potential as a home-grown member of the nation's motor-fuel supply, there's no denying that the numbers don't lie when assessing the alternative fuel's future. According to figures supplied by the American Coalition of Ethanol, in 2007, actual ethanol production topped 6.2 billion gallons, up from less than 5 billion gallons in 2006 and a nearly fourfold increase from the 1.63 gallons produced as recently as 2000.

Champion Laboratories Inc.

PetroClear is dedicated to developing and manufacturing fuel-dispensing filters for the demanding needs of today’s retail and commercial fueling applications. As part of the Champion Laboratories, Inc., family of filtration products, the PetroClear brand has a history of engineering new filtration solutions for the fueling industry.

Today, PetroClear products are hard-at-work behind the scenes (and behind the sheet metal) at convenience stores, hypermarkets, service stations, unattended fueling facilities, marina fueling facilities, and fleet fueling facilities including municipal, hospital, school, rental car, farm and military facilities.