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Emco Wheaton Retail

Emco Wheaton Retail Corporation

Emco Wheaton Retail Corporation designs, engineers, and markets equipment for vapor recovery, spill containment, overfill prevention, and remediation used by retail gasoline service stations. Their global distribution network ensures swift reaction to changing regional regulations and excellent technical services and product support.

For over 100 years Emco Wheaton Retail has led the way in design and innovation at the service station, introducing a number of new vapor recovery and containment technologies.

Spill Containment

  • Never break concrete - easily repair or replace primary unit from grade without breaking concrete
  • Heavy duty, snow plow resistant ductile iron, powder coated plow rim
  • Water-resistant cast iron lid with built-in handle and exclusive triple wiper seal, meets AASHTO H20 wheel loading

Replaceable Liners
Selection Chart (pdf)
Kits and Parts A1004/A1005 (pdf)

Non-Replaceable Liners
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Repair Parts A1004/A1005 (pdf)

Retrofit Selection Chart (pdf)
OPW Retrofit Datasheet (pdf)

Underground Storage Tank Equipment


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