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Principal LED is passionate about quality and reliability - and bring that passion to bear with thier industry-leading line of sign components. People, Performace & Price are the three basic pillars that comprise the foundation of their business:

People - People come first. That means dealing fairly with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Principal LED's primary goal is to create lasting relationships by providing superior service and value.

Performance - Principle LED products are considered the best-in-class for the signage market. With a strong technical base in optoelectronics, material science, and process automation, Principle LED understands what sign makers need and how to translate that into products that are both practical and innovative.

Price - The goal of Principal LED is to be the leader in value LED products without compromising performance and customer service. They achieve this goal with a prudent corporate culture that emphasizes low overhead and investment back into performance improvement and quality.

Cabinet and Channel Signage Lighting

Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Channel Letter System

  • 160° batwing optic
  • IP-67 options
  • Split wires for easy module adjustment and splicing
  • "MIddleweight" option at 162 LM/ft.
  • “Heavyweight” option at 225 LM/ft.
  • “Sidekick” mini option (3 modules/ft.)
Qwik Stik - LED Retrofit at Fluorescent Prices

Qwik Stik

Retrofit Cabinet System

  • Pre-assembled
  • From 18”-120” length
  • Available in cool white, daylight white and warm  white
  • Water-resistant UV stabilized jacket (IP66)
  • Passes LM80 standards at 55° and 80°
Element Flex - The Easiest Cabinet Product Available

Element Flex

Cabinet System
for Single- or Double-Sided Cabinets

  • 280 LM / ft
  • 1 module / ft (27 LEDs / module)
  • Water-resistant UV-stabilized jacket
Fusion Series - Cutting Edge Heat Dissipation

Fusion Series

Channel Letter System

  • Zero light loss after 6,000 hours
  • Qwik Release Tab
  • Optics Series for shallow or return mount applications
  • 2, 3, or 4 modules / foot (150-300 LM / ft)
  • Available in custom CCTs
The Spec. - Specification Grade Performance

Spec. Series

Channel Letter System

  • IP-67 fully potted
  • New Spec. Mini (5 module / foot) for tiny letters
  • Qwik Release Tab
  • 6500K white and colors available
Eco-Flex Series - Economical Solution for Small Face and Halo Lit Channel Letters and Cabinet Signs

Eco-Flex Series

Retrofit Cabinet System
for Indoor Direct- and Halo-Lit Signs

  • Flexible PCB
  • UL-recognized component for signs
  • 3.5 modules / ft
  • Excellent heat management
  • Up to 75 ft on a single power supply
Fusion Series - Cutting Edge Heat Dissipation

Light Tape Series

Light Tape
for Shallow Box Signs, Halo-Lit Channel Letters, RGB,  Low Profile Coves and POP Accent Lighting

  • UL Recognized in the Sign Accessories Manual (SAM).
  • VHB tape for direct mount to substrate
  • Excellent $ / LM value
  • Complete range of connector and control options
  • RGB Options
The Spec. - Specification Grade Performance

Power Supplies

12V DC Class 2 Power Supplies

  • 110V-277VAC Options
  • Class 2, 120W Multi-leg option
  • Outputs ranging from 20W-264W
Eco-Flex Series - Economical Solution for Small Face and Halo Lit Channel Letters and Cabinet Signsy

Dimmers & Controllers

Indoor Power Supplies
for POP, Cove, & Retail Applications, Dimmers & RGB Controllers

RGB Control System

  • RGB Touch controller (P/N: PL-CT-A02-A)
  • 6Ax3CH input / 216W output
  • 18 different color changing modes
  • RGB Amplifier / Repeater (PL-GL-CT-B)
  • Synchronizes controller signal to LEDs on multiple power supplies

Single-Color Dimmer

  • Single color touch dimmer (P/N: PL-CT-01-A-02)
  • 6Ax3CH input / 216W output dimmer
  • Single Color Amplifier / Repeater (PL-GL-CT-G)
  • Synchronizes dimmer signal to LEDs on multiple power supplies

DMX-Compatible RGB Control System

  • RGB controller w/ remote (P/N: PL-CT1013)
  • 8Ax1CH input / 96W output
  • DMX 512 signal input option
  • RGB Amplifier/Repeater (PL-CT2011)
  • Synchronizes CT1013 control signal to LEDs on multiple power supplies